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The Full Story


Our Story began 14 years ago .. Our company was established under another name .

For many years the company gained a very respected reputation in firefighting field as : supplier, contractor & services provider by a team of world class trained engineers .

It was the source of GENERAL PUMPS, GALA, PEMALL, GVI and SVE products in the Egyptian market .

Our products were distributed all over Egypt with unknown source. Most clients didn't have clear idea who is the real sole agent for such a prestigious brands that have its large share and good reputation in the Egyptian market.

Our CEO was the hidden solider behind all of these developments.

During our journey of success since 2008 till now, El-Etihad (Planet X) company was the godfather of many other respectful companies in our field.

Our CEO's vision from the early beginning is that every employee has to be trained enough to become a future CEO.

Planet X name was naturally chosen to be the new company's name.

The decision of a new launching in 2022 was taken to declare who we are .

Raise the curtain, and moving it to another place with a pointed direction and a clear goal.

It’s our time to answer all these questions. Planet X is the new start for a journey lasts for fourteen years. Now in 2022 it’s our new beginning with a new name, a new qualified team and a new accurate objectives


Our goal is to expand our business, which is build on our trusted partnerships, to enhance the skills of our engineers, and transform Planet X into a one-stop MEP contractor.

To that end, we ensure excellence in everything we do.


To become the go to partner of choice for Egypt and the region’s private and public institutions, to provide fire-fighting products and solutions that prevent loss of life or property damage.

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