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Our Products 

GENERAL Fire Pump Set

Planet X is the sole agent in Egypt for GENERAL PUMPS, UL Listed & FM Approved made in Spain, specializing in Centrifugal End Suction fire pumps, Centrifugal horizontal split case fire pumps. GENERAL PUMPS has been one of the world’s leaders in pumps industry since 1986, with an installed base of over 4,000 pump sets.

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GALA Valves

Planet X is the sole Agent of GALA Firefighting Valves UL Listed and FM Approved made in USA, supplying Check valves and Gate valves, Air release valves and fire hydrants.

1) Gate Valves :  A) OS&Y Valves       B) NRS Valves          

2) Check Valves

3) Air release Valves

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GALA Hydrants

A) Dry Barrel Fire Hydrant

• Working pressure: 250PSI     • Hose Nozzle: 2-1/2"-Two

• Pump Nozzle: 4" or 4-1/2" - One 

• Flange End: Size 6" ANSI Class125/ BS EN1092-2 PN16

B) Wet Barrel Fire Hydrant

• Monitor Flange: 4"  • Pipe Flange: 6"

• Working pressure: 250PSI 

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PEMALL USA Clean Agents

Planet X is the authorized distributor for PEMALL USA Clean Agents and the sole agent of PE-MALL USA’s Thermal Flex Tubing System which is the first to be UL Listed.


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GVI Flow Meters

Planet X is the distributor for GVI Flow Meters FM Approved made in USA. GVI is the manufacturer of the most accurate flow meter ever, with continuous improvements and cutting edge technology making it the most requested and most specified fire meter in the world.

The GVI Gauge is used in more fire training centers worldwide than all flow test meter competitors combined

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SVE Control Panels

Planet X is the Sole Agent for SVE Controllers made in Spain. SVE was established in 1982. Since its creation SVE has offered innovation, knowledge and guaranteed products and services to the international market.

SVE designs separated controllers according to NFPA 20 for:

• Electric motor driven fire pump control panel.

• Diesel motor driven fire pump control panel.

• Jockey fire pump control panel.

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