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Message From CEO

At Planet X, our expertise and track record are the reason behind being one of the market leaders in MEP Contracting and firefighting equipment in Egypt and the region.

We understand our customers and their needs. We have the necessary skills and quality products to consult, supply and implement projects. Our team of internationally trained engineers is one of the most accomplished in the field and boast a stellar track record of full-fledged mega projects.

"Every relationship we have built since our inception has been based on trust."

Whether on the suppliers side or clients side, The interests of all our partners are paramount. We are looking towards finding even more creative, safe, and comprehensive fire protection solutions that meet all our customers’ challenges.

I would like to mention and thank our partners of success who share the highest values and standards of quality in everything we do. Without their world-class products and services, we would not have been able to become one of Egypt’s most well known names in firefighting 

Eng. Muhammed Hashem
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